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With everything you need right here... You'll never need to leave Anthem.

Starring Angela Dirksen &
Katie Patterson
The Adventures of
Melissa &...
What lengths would you go to find the perfect roommate?
A wacky new web series from the twisted mind of Angela Dirksen.
Pilot Starring Joey Demurs
& Angela Dirksen

A competition reality show where death is the only prize.


Hunger Games meets America's Next Top Model.

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Written by: Angela Dirksen
Katie Patterson
Savvy Jaye

What if Project

(Working Title)

What would you do if you discovered your biggest fear wasn't stepping out your front door?
A full feature, suspense thriller in the style of
Wait Until Dark & Rear Window.

Untitled Multi-Cam Comedy

A new hilarious multi-cam comedy series about a single mother & her daughter learning the truth about their family. 

In Post Production

Directed by Lauren "Lala" Robbins

Dir of Photography TinNgai Chan

Edited bt Savvy Jaye

Produced by Katie Patterson, Savvy Jaye & Angela Dirksen


Only You

ONLY YOU poster.jpg

Directed by Lauren "Lala" Robbins

Dir of Photography Shiggy Ichinomiya

Edited by Jose Esmurria

Produced by Angela Dirksen

Hidden Secrets

Hidden Secrets is a dark comedy about sibblings and  falling in & out of love.

Hidden Secrets FB Post .png