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Pitch Decks

Feature Films Needing Investors

You may never have heard about Anthem... But Anthem has been around for a 100 years. Floating from state to state, unnoticed and inconspicuous. The surrounding cities and towns can't place when Anthem was built, somehow, it's always just been there...

An ancient community,

if Anthem is the tree, then Nectar Park is the hive.

After a stalker abduction gone wrong, a romance novelist develops agoraphobia only to discover her childhood home, once considered her sanctuary, has now become her prison.


What would you do if you discovered your biggest fear wasn't stepping out your front door?

TV Shows Needing Investors

This is just your modern-day mother-daughter story… sort of.

A successful, single mother, raising her 12-year-old daughter has a secret...

Now that the secret is out, the daughter goes on a melodramatic breakdown only a 12-year-old could achieve. Questioning everything she’s ever known including her very existence.

Now it’s up to mom to help her daughter make sense of this family secret and try to get her family back to “normal.”

What if the people were not movie stars or athletes, but serial killers? What if there was a reality competition show designed to discover the world's next favorite serial killer? An America's Next Top Model meets Survivor type show... It's Hunger Games meets the Purge... It's Coachella for serial killers and their fans.


Killin' It was born.

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