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Welcome to JazzyAngel Casting!

JazzyAngel Casting is a new boutique casting office based in Los Angeles. Founded by Angela Dirksen in 2018, she has been casting independently for 10 years. Angela started in NYC in 2008 casting indie projects and Off Broadway shows. When she moved to Los Angeles, she started JazzyAngel Productions and included her casting office within her company. 

The mission of JazzyAngel Casting is to provide casting opportunities to projects that need to work within a tight budget. Angela believes that every project should have the opportunity to tap into the best talent Los Angeles has to give. Both SAG and Non Union projects are welcome!

Selected Credits


Gods of This Earth (Pilot 2023) Director: Brad Watts Cast: Currently casting

You Killed My Choos (Short Film 2021) Director: Angela Dirksen Cast: Katie Patterson, Meiyee Apple, Will Patterson

Hidden Secrets (Short Film 2019) Director: Lauren Robbins Cast: Angela Dirksen CJ Barkus               

Only You (Short Film 2020) Director Lauren Robbins Cast: Katie Patterson, Reggie P Louis, CJ Barkus

The Adventures of Melissa &... (TV Series) Director: Various Cast: Currently casting                    

Prepping the Line (currently pitching to Netflix, Hulu, HBO and FX) Created by Amanda Kluge


Off Broadway & Regional Theatre

7 Minutes                                              

Healthy Human Contact

Seussical, the Musical                                

Beehive the 60’s Musical

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory            

The Lion Who Wouldn’t


Steel Magnolias

The Dog Accident

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