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JazzyAngel Coaching

Greetings! I'm Angela Dirksen, I’m an acting coach and teacher of on-camera acting with my specialty being in comedy. I’m also a writer and producer and stand up comedian. I'm excited you've chosen to get your coaching here, you’ve come to the right place! 

A little about me, I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre & Direction from one of the oldest all women's colleges, Stephens College and 25 years professional work in stage/tv and film. After college, I toured the country teaching and directing making my final landing in NYC in 2003. Auditioning for Broadway and Regional tours gave me a sharp eye on audition techniques and really bringing YOU into the scene naturally with energy and groundedness.

I understand and appreciate actor training. I believe acting is a sport and an art. You’ve got to train, practice and grow in order to get and stay sharp. Many actors get stuck in the trap of "what does casting want?" I am hear to coach you to bring who you are into the room. Cause who you are IS what casting wants! That's why they called you in! I believe my technique, training, and specificity brings that out in all my clients. And I can do it for you!