Our Mission

Society today is going through many changes. Politically, socially, economically and environmentally, sometimes I stop and wonder, “How do we take it all in and process it?” The one thing that always pushes me through the chatter and chaos is comedy.


JazzyAngel Productions mission is to create funny, compelling and thought provoking content for TV/Film and the Web.


Our goal, is to find those moments of honesty, integrity and humor in a world where sometimes it seems like there’s none.


Shorts & Features

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Angela Dirksen

Founder of
JazzyAngel Productions & JazzyAngel Casting

Angela is a renaissance woman with 20 years experience in acting, singing and directing all over the country. After moving from NYC to California, she added writer and producer to the list. She started JazzyAngel Productions as a platform for her own writings and in doing so, realized quickly that she could support other artists in bringing their projects to life.  


© 2019 Angela Dirksen

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